GVN By Moïta

Gvn by moïta is a brand created by two chilhood friends, virginie and géraldine from "le bassin d'arcachon". Same look, same style and often perceived as two sisters, they have decided to launch their own fancy high brand of jewelry and accessories with a sublime mix of rock and hippie chic. Gvn by moïta, a begining of a sory…with a native family of moïta, a village in corsica, virginie draws inspiration from her story and this is reflected in her trendy and chic image. Geraldine who lives in marrakesh has brought the gun symbol with her own style : funcky and chic. A unique fusion of authentic maroccan culture and current trends. Gvn by moïta is a brand that promises a unic style.

"A powerful duo who created the ideal collection between france and morocco. Gvn by moïta designs, creates quality product collections such as jewelry, accessories, clothes, decorative items for home. Gvn by moïta integrates feminity and tendance into all the collection offering something for every need."