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The use of this website is subjected to the conditions stated below and by using this website, you grant your assent to these conditions. Website GVN BY MOÏTA reserves it’s right to change these conditions at any time, without notice. However the possible changes will be exposed here.




No contract will remain between you and GVN BY MOÏTA for the product sales until you receive a confirmation of your order through an e-mail which confirming the details of your order. Once you will have received the confirmation, there will be a legal contract between us. This site is available only for your personal use and not-commercial. The products referred on this website are available for all the countries which we deliver.




The price which you pay is the price indicated on the website including the VAT for the countries of the European Union. The price does not include the expenses of delivery, exposed in the paragraph " Expédition". We reserve the right to change the prices without notice. All the orders are subjected to the availability and we reserve the right to refuse the sale at some individual or company.




We will deliver the product(s) ordered intended for delivery that you will have indicated to us. Thank you to check exactitude of it. Any reforwarding due to inaccurate address will be with your load. We make our possible to deliver to you as fast as possible. The details of delivery on GVN BY MOÏTA are subjected to the conditions stateding in the paragraph " Expédition". We deliver only on the geographical zones which we serve.




The prices indicated on the site do not include the shipping costs. The prices include the VAT for the customers of the European Union. We reserve the right to change these conditions without notice. The forwarding costs of your order are calculated automatically according to your localization and of the weight of your order. We deliver primarily in France, European Union and USA. The orders in France and European Union are dispatched in Followed Colissimo, a number of follow-up you will be provided with, in order to follow the advance of your order online.


Delivery period


The orders are achievable within a period of 10 working days (excluded Saturday’s, Sunday’s and bank holidays) after we received the validation of your payment by our banking organization. In the event of non-validation of payment, no delivery will take place. These deadlines are set as an indication. The possible delays can justify neither allowances, neither refusal of goods, nor cancellation of order. GVN BY MOÏTA cannot be held responsible for additional times. The delivery periods in the foreign countries depend on your local postal services. GVN BY MOÏTA cannot be held responsible for inappropriate behavior on behalf of the postal services.




We wish that all our customers be satisfied with their purchases. The products which can be exchanged must be bought on website GVN BY MOÏTA, in their intact state, not carried and sealed origin. Any returned goods to GVN BY MOÏTA must be to us returned in the state in which it had been dispatched by our services. GVN BY MOÏTA will securely check any returned goods to detect possible damage and to make sure that it comes well from website GVN BY MOÏTA. If the return is due to our mistake, we will repay the expenses of return and will reforward a substitute product without any expenses for the customer or will refund the amount of the product including all the forwarding costs. GVN BY MOÏTA will not proceed to any exchange or reimbursement of expenses of return if the error comes from the customer, for example, if he deceived a product or if he canceled his order the purchaser benefits from a 7 days deadline calendar to retract and turn over the products that did not satisfy him. Plassing this 7 days deadline from the day of reception of the order no goods can be turned over. GVN BY MOÏTA is committed sending the goods in perfect condition. To be admissible, any dispute at a rate of the state of the goods must have been the object of reserves consigned on the delivery form, have signed per the receiver and have countresigned per the deliveryman.


Customer service


To communicate with us any comment or question about our services, you are welcome to contact us by e-mail: gvnbymoita@gmail.com.


Limitation of the responsibilities


The contained information in this website can contain technical inaccuracies or mistranslations or typography and GVN BY MOÏTA could not be responsible about it. Moreover, we do not have any duty of update of this website or of its contents and we will not be responsible for the lack of update. Moreover, GVN BY MOÎTA is not responsible for your use of the other websites which you can reach via links on this website. GVN BY MOÏTA does not control these websites and is not responsible for their contents. These links are provided as information with the users of this site and their inclusion in this site does not constitute a guarantee on behalf of or an affiliation with GVN BY MOÏTA. Every products ordered on a website in link with this one is prone to its own conditions and GVN BY MOÏTA could not be responsible or apply them about it. These websites can collect personal information or request your share of it. These sites are not subjected to the policy of protection of privacy GVN BY MOÏTAand could not be responsible for the policy for these sites, or the use of information which they would collect. In addition, contractual obligations of GVN BY MOÏTA are automatically suspended and the responsibility for GVN BY MOÏTA is released in the event of events likely to stop or reduce the manufacturing, the transport of the goods or to prevent the normal execution of the sales.




If a term, a condition or provision of a term or condition would prove to be illegal, invalid, null and void, or for some inapplicable reason, the validity and the application of the other terms, conditions and provisions could not in no case to be affected or reduced.




These terms and conditions constitute the whole agreement between you and GVN BY MOÏTA relating to the broached subjects. It is it should be noted that no matter made by an agent of GVN BY MOÏTA could be allowed like a variation of these terms and conditions or a representation of the product sale by GVN BY MOÏTA and GVN could not be responsible towards anyone for the inaccuracy of such a representation.


Applicable law


Any contract between us will be interpreter and appreciated in agreement with the French laws and any litigation around this contract will be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts.


Clause of reserve property


This website is the property of GVN BY MOÏTA private limited company which maintains it and make it functional. This website and all its components, of which graphics and architecture in a general way, the text, graphics, selection and arrangement and all software compilations, subjacent source code, software (applet included) are the property of GVN BY MOÏTA and its subsidiaries or of its technological suppliers or contents. All the goods remain the property of GVN BY MOÏTA until the complete payment of the order. Object (Payment - Morocco Telecommerce) This contract is a remote contract which has the aim of defining the rights and obligations of the parts within the framework of the selling part of the products of company GVN BY MOÏTA private limited company, on Internet, via the platform Morocco Telecommerce.


Method of payment (Payment - Morocco Telecommerce)


To regulate your order by credit card, currency carries, cash via (Binga Wafacash), you choose the means of payment among those proposed by GVN BY MOÏTA private limited company on the level of the Purchase order: For regulation by card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, cmi, Maestro, Dinners Club and Discover). For payment by door currency (Moicash) For payment in cash via (Binga Wafacash) In this case, the handing-over of the transaction for flow of your account is carried out in the course of the day who follows the date of the confirmation of delivery. Your payments (by credit card, currency carries, cash via (Binga Wafacash)) are made safe by Morocco Telecommerce which offers a service of entirely secure payment. The Consumer guarantees Company GVN BY MOÏTA private limited company that it has the authorizations eventually necessary to use the method of payment chosen by him, during the validation of the Purchase order. In case of credit card payment, the relative tendencies with the fraudulent use of the means of payment envisaged in the conventions concluded between the Consumer and the transmitter from the card between Company GVN BY MOÏTA private limited company and its banking institution apply. The output amount of your account is the equivalent of the amount of the order in MAD.


Proof of transaction paid by credit card (Payment - Morocco Telecommerce)

The data recorded by Morocco Telecommerce S.A on the MarocTelecommerce platform on behalf of GVN BY MOÏTA private limited company consist the proof of all the commercial transactions passed between you and company GVN BY MOÏTA private limited company.