Virtues against physical ills

The list of curative different turquoise is long and varied, and sets of crystal shapes, sizes and colors that can be used are as diverse as the individuals who use them.

On any part of the body, turquoise is a stone that protects and blessed him / the wearer. In some cultures, it is considered sacred, the materialization of a gift from the gods.

- Strengthening and regeneration

Turquoise can help to strengthen the eyes, liver and glands. It increases the irrigation of muscle tissue, particularly to treat tears of ligaments and tendons. It is recommended to help the body fight against viruses and bacterial infections. In case of injury, you can apply the stone (previously washed) on the affected part of your body.

- Detoxification

Some turquoise beads worn bracelet, necklace or even ankle rid the body of toxins from alcohol, pollution, and other poisons. The idea is to wear beads around an area of ​​the body where blood flows, so as turquoise can purification.

- Asthmas and problems related to the respiratory system

If you have asthma, cough, sore throat or lungs, hang pendant with turquoise stone that rests directly on the affected area. With this approximation, the energy of the stone is found closest to the area, which allows to start faster the healing process.

- Hay fever

To protect against hayfever carry with you a turquoise, in association with silicified wood for maximum efficiency.