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Multi raw bracelet with natural stone howlite and turquoise natural stone.

Bracelet 4 rows:
2 rows natural stone howlite
2 rows turquoise natural stone

Our collection of jewelry with semiprecious stones are made entirely by hand. Cut to be adapted necklace or wristband GVN By Moïta files its claw in high jewelery. Thanks to its artisans, each jewelry is meticulously assembled and reinforced for a longer duration.


Howlite: This stone helps strengthen discernment and patience, relaxation and memory. The active howlite the removal of water and thus it can be worn to support dieting. It is very effective in improving the elasticity of the skin.

Turquoise: It helps digestion, blood circulation and elimination of toxines.Elle relieves migraine, combat nervousness, facilitates swallowing. Pierre antidepressant, turquoise brings wellbeing.

About 6 cm in diameter.
Size 4cm gun.

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